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As the leaders in rockwork, water features and themed environments, Outside the Lines brings a team of knowledgeable and reputable designers, estimators and project managers to your project, no matter what its size and scope.

The World’s Finest Rockwork, Water Features and Themed Construction

OTL is headed by J. Wickham Zimmerman and Hugh F. Hughes, leaders in the industry. When they founded OTL, they focused on providing the world’s finest rockwork, themed construction and specialty water feature projects.

After its formation, OTL immediately established itself as the touchstone for the industry, and the company’s excellent reputation grew quickly throughout the architectural community.

We Make Projects Geo-Believable

OTL is committed to providing and preserving the world’s finest habitats, waterscapes, landscapes, and natural environments.

We studied, learned and even coined the phrase “geo-believability,” the art of making rockwork and water

features as geologically realistic as possible. If you’re seeking a realistic, natural setting, every stream we build will flow and bend the way nature intended, and every artificial stone we create will look indigenous to the area.

Or Out of This World

If you’re seeking an environment that’s more other-worldly, our rock, water and themed features make the mundane disappear and bring out the magic and wonder of your project.

The team at OTL has created some of the most imaginative and mind-bending themed environments in the industry. We’ve created water features that dance to the music of Frank Sinatra and re-created the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps.

As skilled artisans, our work is restricted only by your imagination.

Leadership Team

  • J. Wickham Zimmerman Chief Executive Officer
    J. Wickham Zimmerman Chief Executive Officer

    J. Wickham Zimmerman is OTL CEO and co-founder. A degreed civil engineer with a passion for business and law, Wick has spent the last 30 years building his own businesses or helping budding entrepreneurial companies manage their bottom lines while growing revenue and market share. His combined expertise in construction and financial management has allowed him to attain executive positions representing owners, general contractors and specialty contractors, including industry powerhouses such as ValleyCrest Companies, KHS&S Contractors, and Rock & Waterscape Systems.

    As OTL’s CEO, Wick defines the company’s strategic direction and directs its financial and operational systems, which have helped moved OTL from a single start-up in 2005 to a multi-locational success with current projects in six states and Puerto Rico. In 2014, OTL was named for the fourth consecutive year to the prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest-growing U.S. companies, a success he and his OTL co-founder credit to the dedication of their massively talented employees.

    An Eastern U.S. native, Wick earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park. Before moving west, he received additional training in business and law at George Washington University and the University of Maryland School of Law.

    When he’s not guiding OTL’s future steps, Wick treasures time with his family and is actively involved in philanthropic activities in his community, including Taller San Jose in Santa Ana, California, an organization that helps disadvantaged youth escape poverty by providing training and job skills. He is also a 20-year pilot and holds commercial single and multi-engine airman certificates with instrument rating.

  • Hugh F. Hughes President
    Hugh F. Hughes President

    Hugh F. Hughes is OTL president and co-founder. The creative force and vision behind OTL, Hugh has spent the last 35 years helping the biggest companies in the entertainment industry delight guests with playful interactive fountains, stunning show fountains and nature-inspired rockwork attractions. Anyone who has walked the Las Vegas Strip, seen Disney theme parks through the eyes of a child, or relaxed with a book at myriad California parks or cultural monuments has most likely benefited by Hugh’s rare ability to turn everyday construction materials into memorable entertainment experiences, including those he created for royalty of the United Arab Emirates. His creative signature is left literally around the globe.

    Although Hugh’s artful expression comes naturally, he perfected his craft through experiences leading venerable companies such as Di Giacomo, Living Waters DPD, and Rock and Waterscape Systems, Inc. At OTL, he takes his art to the next level, instilling throughout the company his obsession to detail and his passion for blurring the distinction between nature and man-made. His coined expression “geo-believability” is a company mantra that guides every designer and craftsman to look to nature for his or her inspiration. The philosophy has been rewarded. In 2014, OTL was named for the fourth consecutive year to the prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest-growing U.S. companies, a success he and his OTL co-founder credit to the dedication of their massively talented employees.

  • Jack Larsen Vice President and Chief Estimator
    Jack Larsen Vice President and Chief Estimator
    Jack Larsen is OTL vice president and chief estimator. Jack has a vast amount of experience and talent in the themed construction industry. Before joining OTL, he spent more than 30 years with one of the largest rockwork and water feature companies in the world. During that time, he completed more than 200 projects as chief estimator and senior project manager. After studying architecture at the University of Southern California, he returned several years later to oversee the construction of many of USC’s most recognizable fountains.
    Tom Real is an OTL senior project manager. Armed with a degree in engineering and a strong sense of art and technology, Tom is well suited for the demands of this industry. He began his career in the specialty construction industry in 1982, working with one of the largest rockwork and water feature companies in the world. His resume reads like an adventure novel, completing projects in exotic locals such as Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Africa and the Bahamas. His work spans Europe, the Middle East, South America, Central America and the United States, where he’s overseen more than 100 projects. Tom has an engineering degree from Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York.

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