Interactive Fountains

Interactive fountains create a natural gathering place for town squares, urban waterfronts, downtown redevelopment projects and theme parks. They also provide significant flexibility due to their ability to quickly drain, allowing fountain beds to be used for multiple purposes.

Outside the Lines water feature professionals are experienced and skilled in both interactive fountain design and construction. Our design professionals work with the entire building team, including city planners, community leaders and other governing parties, to ensure the project meets the needs of the community while adhering to strict guidelines most states have established for these popular water features.

OTL is experienced and skilled in meeting requirements for constant recirculation, filtration and treatment to keep fountain water clean and free from contaminants. We will also consult with maintenance teams to ensure the fountain remains a beautiful and inviting asset to the community for years to come.

If you would like to work with our team of skilled professionals, please contact us:

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