Outside the Lines can craft unforgettable rockwork that will enhance and enrich your themed and sculptural environments. OTL’s skilled artisans can create a variety of shapes, including towering rock mountains, caverns, arches, artificial trees, synthetic vines and realistic logs, roots and mud banks.

Our OTL rockwork artisans have mastered a wide variety of mediums and techniques that can add depth and interest to your project. We can also replicate a variety of rock formations, ranging from columnar basalt and granite monoliths to undersea outcroppings and the bedrock of the Grand Canyon. Our artisans have re-created every category of rock – sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.

Our OTL rockwork is featured in projects ranging from aquarium exhibits that support underwater aquatic life to theme parks that thrill land dwellers above.

At golf courses and resorts, we’ve carefully integrated real and artificial rockwork to create stream beds, waterfalls and rocky hillsides. In natural environments, our goal is to create rockwork that blends so well into the landscape they look like they were part of Mother Nature’s plan.

If you’re seeking a departure from the natural, we can capture your imagination with a rockwork feature large enough to house a restaurant or iconic pieces that will send visitors to another world.

If you would like to work with our team of skilled professionals, please contact us:

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