3 Reasons Why Water Feature Maintenance Requires a Specialist

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When executed properly, water feature maintenance ensures that fountains operate optimally on a continual basis, enabling them to beautify their environment and soothe and delight people all year long.

Conversely, when water feature maintenance is less than ideal, a fountain’s functionality, aesthetic appeal, and cleanliness are all at risk – which can generate problems and jeopardize stakeholders’ investment in this amenity.

While regular water feature maintenance is essential, commissioning the right service provider for this task is just as important. Hiring a maintenance expert with a thorough understanding of their particular water feature is the best way for stakeholders to protect this investment.

OTL has an extensive history of maintaining water features – both those we have designed and built like the musical show fountain at Texas Live! and those we haven’t such as the water features at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. Our deep expertise in every aspect of these amenities allows us to customize our services and keep each water feature we maintain running smoothly and cost-effectively for many years.

Here are three reasons we’ve assembled on why hiring a specialist to conduct regular water feature maintenance is key to maximizing the value of these amenities.

  1. All service providers are not alike.

Many property owners are tempted to hire a local pool-service company or ask their facility or property manager to service their water features. While this may work for simple projects, undetected and/or easily overlooked problems such as worn-out components can lead to significant damage to a water feature or – if the problem leads to a leak – its surroundings. Control systems, which OTL specializes in assessing, repairing, and maintaining, are often far more complex than those with which pool contractors or building engineers are experienced or comfortable.

Service providers without specialized training in maintaining water features may not know every step that should be taken to service them properly. It takes professionals like our OTL technicians, who are highly skilled in designing, building and engineering water features, to understand how to spot potential issues and prevent them from turning into costly repairs down the road.

  1. Spending money saves money.

While it may sound counterintuitive, investing in an ongoing maintenance program with a water feature specialist is the best way to save money in the long run.

A maintenance program led by experienced technicians allows them to check the entire water feature regularly and replace worn parts before they break. This not only ensures fountains can operate with less down-time, but also helps stakeholders avoid more expensive major overhauls later.

In addition, the water features that OTL designs and builds are engineered to make maintenance accessible to service technicians, saving money for our clients. It’s difficult to get that type of value from providers who are not water feature specialists, or from engineers who aren’t familiar with the long-term maintenance of these features.

  1. A specialist will protect water feature control systems.

Many architectural and show fountains contain highly complex and delicate control systems that are vulnerable in the wrong maintenance hands.

Because OTL designs and builds water feature control systems every day, we know how intricate they are and how easily they can be damaged if not treated properly. We also know how expensive they can be to fix or replace.

Experienced water feature maintenance specialists know how to protect control systems while servicing these amenities. They can also make recommendations for upgrades that will keep these systems running smoothly for the long term.

A maintenance contract with a water feature specialist is essential to ensuring these amenities operate at their best. Stakeholders who hire a water feature maintenance specialist and who understand that not all service providers are alike, investing in preventative maintenance saves money, and a specialist will protect water feature control systems position their fountains to run efficiently and economically far into the future.