AI Can Personalize Water Features and Other Marketplace Experiences

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Outside the Lines — which constructs water features and rock features, among others — is using an artificial intelligence system to bring water to life, reacting to visitors’ movements as they stroll past. Commerce + Communities Today contributing editor Joel Groover talked with OTL CEO Wick Zimmerman about the technology, as well as AI’s potential to change the customer experience at physical marketplaces.

How did you teach the AI what to do?

It took a lot of training data, combined with object recognition. Machine learning allows the system — which we’ve named Aquarius Interactive, a play on “AI” and our work with water — to recognize users’ motion, position and presence. We patented the system last February. This was my first foray into AI. The speed with which you can teach it to do something was really impressive. Somebody would hold a pose, and then you would tell the AI: “This is left arm up” or what have you. Within two minutes, it was 95% accurate. The longer you interacted with it, the more accurate it got.

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