Bringing Luxury to Life with Water Features

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OTL demonstrates how water features create vibrancy within luxury resorts, enhancing guest’s experiences.

The word luxury and the images and associations it conjures distinguish the world’s top resorts from all other hospitality categories. Most luxury resort guests are seeking more than just a place to lay their heads—they expect extravagant amenities, opulent surroundings, and delightful new experiences during their stay. Water features can play an important role in crafting these exquisite environments, which is why they make perfect additions to a resort’s offerings.

A well-executed water feature will set the tone for a guest’s experience as they arrive at a resort and can add the “wow” factor visitors will remember for years to come. As part of a lobby renovation project, the owners of the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California, wanted to create a signature architectural element signaling to guests that they were in for an exceptional experience. OTL’s team created sparkling crystal water chandeliers designed to intrigue guests while conveying the Pechanga people’s reverence for water and light.

The new water feature was just one of many changes the Pechanga tribe invested in to transform the casino from simple gambling facilities into a world-renowned destination resort. Members of the tribe and guests alike have remarked on the chandelier’s “elegant” and “timeless” qualities, posh details that complement the architecture and experience.

Some features can highlight a resort’s soothing ambiance with elements such as artfully placed rock and water that enhances a hotel retreat’s natural environment. Imagine hotel guests in a lush garden meditating near a shimmering koi pond, a waterfall masking any extraneous noises other than birds singing in the trees overhead.

OTL has experience designing and constructing a wide range of installations, which intrigue guests and awaken their senses. Our team can craft elements to support resorts and luxury boutique hotels of any style, from large scale rockwork and grottos within a tropical pool deck to the ultra-modern architectural fountains desired for today’s luxurious designer properties.

No matter what images or associations a resort aspires to convey, water features can help provide them. The versatility of water features brings luxury to life in a wide variety of settings and can create for guests a truly unforgettable resort experience.