Bringing the Holiday Spirit to Life – One Show at a Time

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Holiday Show Fountains

The holiday spirit is in the air, and nowhere is this more evident than in today’s retail centers.

Guests peruse stores with wish lists in hand, packages and parcels are wrapped in shiny paper, children line up to whisper their hopes for new toys into Santa’s ear.

Retail owners understand that a magical experience makes all the difference when it comes to attracting guests and increasing their length of stay.

OTL delights in helping retail centers near and far create this magic and highlight the holidays through our show fountains.

Delivering the Magic of the Holidays

A recent survey by Synchrony Financial reported that more than half of today’s consumers list entertainment as one of the top reasons they continue to shop at brick-and-mortar destinations.

Dancing fountains deliver this entertainment to guests of all ages.

It’s not uncommon for children and adults alike to share “Oooos” and “Ahhhs” when experiencing the magic of perfectly sequenced water jets choreographed to a favorite holiday tune.

The show fountain OTL designed and constructed at The Village at Meridian in Meridian, Idaho, for example, features 67 nozzles ranging from fast-acting vertical jets to robotic nozzles capable of shooting in any direction to special spinning nozzles that create a delicate pirouette effect.

While this fountain captivates audiences year-round, it serves a special purpose during the holiday season. Featuring musical favorites such as White Christmas and Let it Snow playing through a state-of-the-art sound system, the choreographed water and holiday-themed lighting deliver a winter wonderland of song-and-dance, bringing holiday cheer to thousands of visitors each week.

Crafting the Perfect Holiday Show

Choreographing a fountain is very much akin to choreographing a ballet; there is a lot of planning and hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create a beautiful show. These productions require a large group of people working together to bring artistry and technical mastery to life. The OTL team completes this work in-house, using the latest in technology to visualize and ultimately produce each detail that contributes to unforgettable holiday water shows.

When the movement of water and light are in perfect harmony with a song, the enjoyment of watching the show imprint long-lasting memories. The impact of a well-crafted holiday show fountain is increased traffic leading to increased sales and revenue.

In addition to the feel-good emotions of the holidays – all of which are warm and wonderful – there are true bottom-line benefits to offering top-notch holiday experiences to retail guests.

Retail centers with show fountains give guests iconic landmarks – places to gather, relax, and enjoy with family and friends. These gatherings become more frequent and arguably more significant during the holidays.

Retailers are focusing now more than ever on operating in locations that bring the biggest revenues; high-end centers with great amenities like show fountains continue to draw the larger and more affluent crowds that retailers require to succeed in today’s evolving retail market.

These owners are also giving guests the holiday experience they crave, with the “Ooos” and “Aaahs” to prove it.