Capturing Memorable Moments Through Water Features

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By: Chris Roy, Director of Creative Design, OTL, Inc.

Water features can add delightful treats for the senses to many types of spaces, both public and privately-owned public spaces (POPS). Visitors love to admire the colorful fountain lights at night or the beauty of a rock formation creating eddies in a stream, to hear the soft or dramatic sounds of water in a garden or fountain setting, and even to feel the spray on their hands or face as they approach for a closer look.

But water features don’t just look, sound, or feel good—they also serve a purpose that goes beyond their aesthetic sensibilities. In fact, water features play an important role in how people are celebrating and sharing memorable moments in their lives.

Some of our recent visitors chose to include our water features in some of their most special life occasions, capturing their experiences on camera and sharing them on social media—and we couldn’t be happier about it! A few occasions include a gender reveal, a pageant win, and an engagement.

OTL Memories
Pink lights illuminate the fountain at Grand Park in Los Angeles to reveal the gender of Naila and Ken’s first daughter. (Photo credit: @onlynaila)

OTL is proud and honored to be a component in helping create these memorable moments for several reasons:

First, we are truly happy to be able to provide people with projects that do more than just look appealing: serving a purpose and enhancing their lives and memories for years to come. Second, we recognize that these projects leave a lasting impact on people—they’re able to revisit these moments time and time again through photos that feature our projects. Third, they’re able to share these moments with friends and family through social media, which augments their joy and pride while giving our projects an even wider audience.

water Show
She said YES! Jacky and Matthew capture their engagement in front of the fountain at Legacy West. (Photo credit: @jackybarragan)

Lastly, choosing our fountains as the backdrop for recognizing these milestones in life emphasizes the positive feelings visitors have about our fountains and the projects they’re located in. We recognize that guests find our projects worthy of including in occasions that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives and this shows us how much they appreciate and value what we do. This gratitude gives us true fulfillment and makes what we do worth every minute of hard work and labor.

Memorable Moments
Katarina, Miss Idaho Collegiate 2019, celebrates her crown and captures the moment in front of the fountain at The Village at Meridian. (Photo credit: @katarina_schweitzer)

As we continue into 2019, we look forward to seeing more visitors their own memorable moments with our water features and outdoor projects. It makes us realize the significance of the setting in commemorating these moments and sharing them with loved ones, and just how much the photographic environment frames the experience. Being a part of that experience is incredibly rewarding to us, and we look forward to providing more opportunities to help people celebrate the special moments of their lives.