Casino Water Features and Entertainment That You Will Not Forget

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In the lavish, luxurious world of casinos, specialty water feature and construction company Outside the Lines has added a new dimension to wonder and opulence with one-of-a-kind rockwork and water features that you will not forget. Working with an ingenious team of designers, engineers and skilled construction practitioners, OTL has helped the casino and gaming industry evolve from simple gambling facilities to world-renowned entertainment destinations.

When the cannons begin to fire at the start of the pirate show at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel patrons and passersby are drawn into a far-off world of danger and fantasy. The entertaining show begins when the pirate village comes to life with cannon fire, burning buildings and a firefight between a pirate vessel and British frigate. Casino guests are lured into a 17th century battle where motley pirates take over the frigate, causing British soldiers to jump into the lagoon below as their only chance to escape with their lives.

casino water features

The creators of the pirate show at Treasure Island called upon our team to construct an environment with fabricated rockwork, water features and the pirate village itself to make the show as realistic as possible. Our skilled artisans hand-carved the pirate village facades and a frighteningly creepy skull reef in the attraction’s lagoon, which we also installed.

Another example of a dynamic water feature and theme design that creates a memorable experience for casino patrons is the Isle of Capri Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. The Isle of Capri Casino was one of the first riverboat-style casinos to incorporate water and rockwork into its casino theme. Casino patrons are covered in an array of color when a larger-than-life rockwork water feature kicks off a colorful show that dances to a jungle rhythm.

casino water features

Our artisans fabricated a two-story rockwork fountain that extends from the grand entry to the second floor. Instead of climbing down a normal staircase to the grand hall, casino patrons at the Isle of Capri head down the feature’s stone cut stairs with a 35-foot python handrail surrounded by a waterfall with colorful lights and water jets skyrocketing water into the air to choreographed music, creating an experience they will never forget.

With a vast knowledge of materials, fabrications and design, Outside the Lines has assisted the Isle of Capri and Treasure Island casinos, along with many other hotels and themed resorts, create memorable themed environments that leave a lifelong impression while capturing the imagination of their patrons.

If you would like to work with the world-wide industry leader that creates one-of-a-kind water features, rockwork and themed environments for casinos and resorts, please contact Hugh F. Hughes at Outside the Lines at (714) 637-4747, extension 151, or email OTL at