Creating One-of-a-Kind Water Features – Rivers to Waterfalls

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Outside the Lines (OTL) themed construction company has been on the forefront of creating some of this world’s most amazing water features. Working with a qualified team of highly skilled artisans and construction practitioners, OTL can transform any environment into an imagination-bending array of natural habitats, expansive landscapes, world-class exhibits and one-of-a-kind icons.

Water features not only add excitement to a setting, but can provide a challenging hazard at a golf course, a peaceful resting spot at a retail entertainment center, relaxation at a resort or a fun place to stay cool at a water park.

water feature

At the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) which is part of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., our team completed two water features – an organic wetland area with a pond and a formal architectural fountain that meanders around the museum’s curvilinear building. With a deep respect for the Native American culture and their connection to the land, our artisans worked in harmony with the natural surroundings when designing and constructing the rockwork and water features at the museum property.

Golf Course Construction

Golfers escape their day-today routines and surroundings when they tee up at Naples Grande Golf Club in Naples, Florida. This award-winning golf course, designed by Reese Jones, comes to life with a series of streams and waterfalls that create challenging hazards, along with natural sound and movement. Our team of skilled artisans designed and constructed the rockwork and water features that create a spectacular backdrop. The course is ranked in the top 100 golf courses in the United States according to Golfweek Magazine and the top 5 Courses in Florida according to Travel & Leisure Golf.

water fountain construction

At the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, California, shoppers are mesmerized and drawn to the dancing fountain, one of the most highly recognized fountains in the world. The Oarsman fountains mechanical components were designed by the WET Design Group turn, twist and spray water to the music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other performers on a spectacular choreographed water fountain. Guests are also invited to linger over the natural ponds in a lush, park-like setting designed by landscape architect Lifescapes International. One-of-a-kind water features like this create a memorable experience for diners, shoppers and visitors who stop by just to appreciate the water features.

Outside the Lines will help you incorporate eye-catching fountains, mystical rivers and streams, and other customized elements into any project. OTL’s attention to detail during construction is legendary, no matter how complicated the water feature. From computer choreographed show fountains and cascading waterfalls to lazy rivers and meandering streams, they will make sure your water feature is just what you had in mind.

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