Did You Know … Preventative Maintenance is at the Heart of Proper Water Feature Operation?

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Just as human beings rely on diet and exercise to improve their longevity, water features rely on a regular maintenance plan to function smoothly and cost-effectively for the long term.

Preventative maintenance is the key to reducing structural and waterborne threats in water features and assuring that systems are operating in optimal condition.

Here are a few facts facility managers and property owners should know about maintenance procedures for water features:

  • A complete preventative maintenance plan includes regular water quality testing, keeping the fountain interior as well as skimmer and strainer baskets clean, performing electrical work in accordance with NEC codes, and checking automation components and control panels regularly to keep fountains running normally.
  • Facility managers for buildings that have water features installed should familiarize themselves with a water feature’s typical operating parameters and look out for anything out of the ordinary, such as surplus water consumption, leakage, valves that aren’t set at their normal operating position, gauges showing atypical pressure variations, or lights that aren’t working properly.
  • Pumps can be checked quickly, simply by putting a hand on top of the motor housing to make sure they don’t feel excessively hot; if they do, checking amperage with an amp-clamp will confirm whether the motor is running within its nameplate rating. This step can bring problems to light before they become expensive to fix.
  • OTL provides managers and owners with a checklist to ensure that all parts and systems are correctly maintained. Facility managers should ensure their staff is trained thoroughly on everyday maintenance procedures that will protect stakeholders’ investment in their water features.

Proper preventative maintenance keeps water features clean, beautiful, and performing properly, and ensures they have a positive impact on the environment for many years to come.

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