Geo-Believability®: Bringing Realism to Your Project

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Bringing Realism to a Project

Creating a realistic golf course water feature the way nature intended is no easy task. Recreating a stream the way it flows and bends in nature requires artistic ability and a disciplined approach to engineering and accurate construction management. The same can be said when recreating a rugged mountain pass with artificial rockwork at a theme park or themed resort. Creating natural habitats that bring a sense of realism to the project is called Geo-Believability®.

The term “Geo-Believability®” was coined by the artisans at Outside the Lines. They studied and learned how to design and create rockwork and water features to be as geologically accurate as possible.

Headed by J. Wickham Zimmerman and Hugh F. Hughes, OTL is the touchstone in themed construction. OTL creates some of the finest rockwork, themed construction and specialty water features in the industry. With an excellent reputation in the architectural community, OTL is committed to providing and preserving the world’s finest habitats, waterscapes, landscapes and natural environments. With the creation of life-like fabrication and Geo-Believability®, OTL has set the bar in how a specialty project should look, feel and interact with nature.


From design to construction and post construction, Outside the Lines offers the highest quality of full project management services in the themed and specialty construction industry. They will make sure your concept becomes a reality in the field, and once it’s complete, they will help you keep it looking new with their post construction and maintenance services.

Having attracted some of the most experienced and skilled industry leaders to its team, OTL continues to create some of the world’s most recognized and admired water and rockwork features. OTL’s water features and rockwork are carefully crafted to enhance the beauty of any project, while their Life Support Systems (LSS) are built to sustain life in zoo and aquarium habitats. Whether you’re constructing a golf course, retail entertainment center or theme park, Outside the Lines can add features that enrich your project.

If you would like to work with a team of highly skilled artisans and technicians who have revolutionized themed environments around the world, please contact us at: (714) 637-4747 or email us at