Getting to Know OTL’s Project Engineer Jason Hastings

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Beginning in 2020, in our newsletter and throughout our social media platforms, we began spotlighting team members who are key to the success of our company.

While OTL is known throughout the USA and internationally for designing and building magnificent water features, rockwork and themed environments, our company’s true foundation is our people. OTL simply would not be the same without our incredibly talented, dedicated, and caring team.

This month’s Team Spotlight is devoted to our Project Engineer Jason Hastings. Jason joined our company two years ago and very quickly became an indispensable member of the OTL team. He is responsible for oversight of personnel, costs and scheduling, working to bring every project in on budget and time.

Jason shared with us what he enjoys about working for OTL.

Favorite project since joining OTL: My favorite project is Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. This water feature mimics a natural pond, artfully constructed with a natural rock waterfall that brings a calming sensation to an environment that can be very stressful.

Greatest accomplishment at the company: I have truly enjoyed being able to take the lead on projects as well as helping our team create one-of-a-kind water features. I’m really proud of the role I’ve been playing on our ongoing work at the Chumash Museum and Cultural Center in Santa Ynez, California; I have been working closely with the project’s architects as well as the Tribe to ensure that the boulders selected for the project are carefully set to create a naturalistic stream in keeping with the project’s mission and which will exceed the Tribe’s expectations and design intent.

Fun fact about Jason: I have a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Aspirations for the future: I look forward to helping our team create more unique water features and continuing to contribute to the company’s growth.

Stay tuned for Team Spotlights featuring more of OTL’s outstanding team members.