Healing the Mind, Body and Soul with Water

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Water Garden Construction

OTL builds healing water features at world-renowned medical center.

Water has been used for centuries to aid in meditation and overall psychological health. Scientific studies have shown that even the sound of water has positive effects on the brain.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that a world-leading medical center would work with the world leader in water features to create beautiful elements featuring the ultimate healer of mind, body and soul: water.

Outside the Lines (OTL) had the opportunity to build water features for a wellness garden at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Working in partnership with AHBE Landscape Architect, Joma Design Studio, Frank Webb Architects, and Hensel Phelps Construction Co., OTL took a thoughtful approach in order to connect the project’s water features to the essence and mission of the center as a whole: healing.

OTL built 15 water basins to help enhance the landscape and create a gathering place for patients, visitors and staff to recharge. Each basin is fabricated from type 316L stainless steel – a material typically used for surgical tools – as this material is corrosion resistant and ensures the fountains will stay sanitary and look great for years to come.

The fountain basins also include individually controlled RGB lights, providing a calming nighttime effect.

Constructing a water feature for a hospital requires extra care to accommodate health concerns. In this case, it was important to the hospital that no water was sprayed into the air. To address this need while keeping a healing movement, OTL introduced a small bubbler nozzle into each round basin that creates a gentle ripple effect without water spray.

Along with the cluster of individual basins, OTL also built a sinuous stainless steel lined reflecting pool which highlights a walk-through shade structure designed by Ball-Nogues Studio.

For more details on designing water features for wellness gardens, read this Q&A with our CEO, J. Wickham Zimmerman and Connect Media.