Bringing Alaska to Nebraska

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Q: How does a construction team create the Most Instagrammed site in an entire U.S. state?

A: Bring Alaska to Nebraska

The OTL team, in collaboration with ASD Architects and general contractor Kiewit Building Group, did just that at the Henry Doorly Zoo Alaskan Adventure in Omaha, Nebraska.

Inside this all-encompassing, fully-experiential homage to Alaskan wildlife, children dance, jump and play amid sprays of water, lights, sounds and sculptures that emulate the majestic sea animals of the Far North state.

Integrating works by Nebraskan artist Matthew Placzek, the immersive splash ground features an eighteen foot tall humpback whale, as well as thirty jumping salmon, twenty-five puffins, fifteen sea lions, three orcas and three brown bears.

While OTL’s engineers and artisans focused on realism in recreating the Alaskan environment, they were also able to bring a sense of whimsy and fun to the project, making it seem as if the animals are dancing in the water. The team used the very latest in computer programming to create an ever-changing environment of engagement and interaction, using a variety misting nozzles and water streams that weave around the sculptures.

The Alaskan Adventure at Henry Doorly Zoo demonstrates OTL’s innovative work in “edu-tainment” – a movement that continues to sweep the U.S., combining learning and entertainment to create deeper engagement in physical destinations.

OTL’s similar projects in this space include Butterfly Palladium in Buena Park, California; Polk Penguin Conservation Center in Detroit, Michigan; and Voyage to Australia in Columbus, Ohio, among others.

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