How to Build a Successful Relationship With Your Partners Through Education

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Outside the Lines understands what it takes to bring a project from concept to completion. While every Outside the Lines project provides an entertaining and enriching experience, the real magic happens behind the scenes. In order to focus upon the optimal delivery of these services, Outside the Lines provides dedicated resources to meet both the client’s and the project’s needs.

From design to construction and post construction, Outside the Lines offers the highest quality of full project management services in the themed and specialty construction industry. The team will not only make sure that a concept becomes a reality in the field, but once it is complete, they will help keep it looking new with their post construction and maintenance services.

Outside the Lines President Hugh F. Hughes says that “by creating supportive partnerships with our clients, we’ve been able to develop a better understanding of their needs and vision. Using this approach, we’ve succeeded at providing more value for each project, one contract at a time.”

Hughes stresses that one way Outside the Lines provides value to clients is through an education process that works both ways. He develops a holistic understanding of his clients’ needs and educates them on the rockwork and water feature process so they can make better decisions.

Communications is critical to the successful completion of projects. Without consistently sharing information and maintaining a shared understanding of the project’s elements, projects can fail to meet expectations. With this in mind Outside the Lines works to tailor its communications to the needs and behaviors of its clients.


During the design process, Outside the Lines works closely with project architects and designers at every step of the design process and can develop drawings, renderings, 3D models and hand- shaped scaled models to help its clients visualize the project, as well as educate them on how it will work.

Perhaps one of the greatest impacts Outside the Lines can have on a project’s success is during the preconstruction phase. This is where Outside the Lines can help clients make important decisions on how to control costs, optimize value and meet aggressive schedules. Outside the Lines understands that being responsive and creative while developing value for a project are extremely important during preconstruction. The Outside the Lines team works closely with your entire team, project architects, landscape designers, urban designers and project consultants during the execution of this phase.

When the project is complete, Outside the Lines is not. Outside the lines provides post construction and maintenance services that keep your projects looking fresh and inviting. They can educate and train your staff on how to properly maintain water features or provide complete maintenance crews for all project types, including aquariums, exhibits and water features. They can also provide repairs, re-staining and cleaning as needed on rockwork.

Outside the Lines’ training programs include tutorials, videos and on-site training. They will teach you how to operate and maintain your project’s Life Support Systems (LSS), hydraulic recirculation systems and pyrotechnics. Outside the Lines will also cover every aspect of your water feature, whether it is an interactive fountain, stream, pond or complex computer choreographed water and light show.

This direct approach to developing partnerships with its clients through education and project management has helped Outside the Lines experience 832% growth in revenue over the past three years. This growth has brought them recognition by the coveted 2011 INC. 500 List of fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

“We’re very honored to be recognized for achieving this growth,” says Outside the Lines’ CEO J. Wickham Zimmerman. “Because of this growth, we’re also able to create and maintain jobs, which is important to us and the economy.”

Zimmerman also attributes the company’s success to its ability to be innovative, flexible and efficient. “In these times, we’ve implemented ways to control costs and developed additional ways to serve our clients better,” Zimmerman says. “Since our founding, we’ve never deviated from our vision of providing the finest rockwork, themed construction and specialty water feature projects in the world.”

If you would like to work with the world-wide industry leader that creates one-of-a-kind water features, rockwork and themed environments, with services ranging from design and preconstruction to construction and post construction, please contact Hugh F. Hughes at Outside the Lines at (714) 637-4747, extension 151, or email OTL at