How to Use Rockwork and Water Features to Create a Themed Environment

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To enhance the look and feel of themed environments, developers and project owners introduce rockwork and water features. Not only do rockwork and water features make projects look great, they also increase the investment value of the projects.

Artificial rockwork and water features are found in aquariums, zoos, cultural centers and theme parks, where they create natural-looking habitats for animals and thematic and educational elements for patrons. Artificial rock and splashing water can enhance any space, whether you want to add a tone of tranquility or eye-catching motion.

Great water features can also provide a challenging hazard at a golf course, a peaceful resting spot at a retail entertainment center, a relaxing backdrop at a resort or a fun place to stay cool at a water park.

rockwork and water features

Skilled specialty construction artisans use a number of techniques and natural and artificial rockwork to create a variety of shapes. The shapes include towering rock mountains, caverns, arches, artificial trees, synthetic vines and realistic logs, roots and mud banks.

At golf courses, resorts and private estates, artisans can integrate real and artificial rockwork to create streambeds, waterfalls and rocky hillsides. In these types of natural environments, the artisan’s goal is to create rockwork that blends so well into the landscape it looks like the rockwork was part of Mother Nature’s plan.

Themed construction companies, such as Outside the Lines from Southern California, have mastered a wide variety of mediums and techniques that can add depth and interest to any specialty construction project. OTL can create a variety of rock formations, ranging from columnar basalt and granite monoliths to undersea outcroppings and the bedrock of the Grand Canyon. OTL’s highly skilled and technical artisans have re-created every category of rock – sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.

rockwork and water features

As the leaders in rockwork, water features and themed environments, Outside the Lines brings a team of knowledgeable and reputable designers, estimators and project managers to their projects, no matter what their size and scope.

OTL’s attention to detail during construction is legendary, no matter how complicated the rockwork or water feature. From computer choreographed show fountains and cascading waterfalls to lazy rivers and meandering streams, they make sure the water feature is just what the client had in mind.

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