Pumping Up Value: How AI Can Optimize Facility Performance

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It’s everywhere these days; artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the use of data and algorithms that allow a machine to simulate human intelligence, seems to be a timely topic of discussion across all industries, including financial services, retail and real estate, to name a few. AI is already being used across many aspects of commercial real estate to increase efficiency—but can it also be utilized to improve the management, maintenance and operations of facilities?

recent article from JLL noted that the facility management industry is increasingly valuing tech-savvy employees who are aware of and adept at using new tools and applications, and 56% of firms intend to adopt technology specifically for predictive maintenance. Advanced technology, such as AI, can help add value to properties in several ways, from streamlining existing processes to enhancing more elaborate amenities—and even a seamless integration of the two. Almost anything is possible with the help of AI.

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