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OTL Water feature design

The City of San Mateo values art.  In fact, local legislature enacted an ordinance that requires any new development valued at $3 million or more to integrate public art into its plans.

This unique requirement was the catalyst for an exceptionally creative solution for Bohannon Development Company’s Hillsdale Shopping Center.

Outside the Lines, Inc. (OTL), which is widely known for the design and construction of artistic water features and themed environments, was commissioned to create an iconic fountain for the center that will also meet the City’s public art requirement.

OTL’s creative team began by designing a fountain that makes an artistic statement and can stand alone as an art piece for guests to admire and enjoy. The design features a custom shape and form, and integrates live planters and complex lighting to create a piece that is truly exceptional.

Further, the team worked closely with the developer to present the concept to the San Mateo Civic Arts Committee, and to achieve approval on behalf of the developer to proceed with the project.

“We are first and foremost partners to the developers, owners, and architects we work with,” says J. Wickham Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer of OTL.  “We understood the stakes, and were proactive in bringing a solution that was a win-win for both the City and the development team.”

OTL has designed and will construct the 1,871 square-foot show fountain in Hillsdale’s main public plaza. The firm is partnering closely with Lifescapes International to interweave living planter pockets into the fountain’s interior.

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