Innovation in Water Features and Interactive Fountains

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Water features can turn any construction project into something special by providing a focal point and attracting wildlife. Outside the Lines has revolutionized the industry by using sophisticated technologies and developmental strategies.

When designing a state-of-the-art water feature, the team at Outside the Lines brings creativity and innovation to the process. Creating innovative water feature technology and materials are anything but a simple process. Initially, the innovation’s design is introduced. Then each element is thoroughly tested and improved before the final product is made.

Innovative Water Features

Outside the Lines themed construction specialists have been on the forefront of using original materials that improve the quality, durability and service of water features.


One prime example is the innovative water features at City Place in West Palm Beach, Florida. This upscale retail entertainment center features extravagant and complex interactive water features. Highly skilled artisans constructed a choreographed show fountain that entertains shoppers with a colorful display of water and lights. An endless number of dancing water shows mix light, color, music, geysers and artificial mist that interact and respond to upbeat music. At the end of each show, every major element of the fountain unites to create a breathtaking crescendo.

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