How Interactive Show Fountains Make Summer Educational & Fun

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Summer is far more than just a time when kids are out of school, and the swelter of summer can make it a challenge to enjoy getting outside. It’s also a time for children of all ages to explore and have fun. One definite way for kids to have fun this summer is to cool off and find community with the help of interactive fountains.

Why are Interactive water features something that is very important to have at Parks, Zoos, and Aquariums?
The answer to this question is clear. These Interactive water features not only make for fun and show. They are every inch educational in their way. What does this mean? Interactive water features make learning not only fun but also, an encouraging experience for youngsters of all ages.

Why do Interactive water features matter?
They make a difference for the reasons cited here. Interactive water features such as splash pads bring a community together. They are perfect for kids. The mix-use water features cool off visitors in the summer and can become a top location to enjoy ice skating for winter. When the water controls are paired together with music and lights, you are not only wowing a community but also teaching children about nature. Interactive water features such as these are diverse and can be used to adapt along with varying themes.

interactive show fountains

What is an example of OTL Interactive water features ideal for educational purposes?
OTL has the unique creative ability, knowledge, and expertise to bring any interactive water feature to life with amazing results. One of the examples of their work was at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska. What Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium teaches kids is about how Alaskan animals did move and live. The habitat of the Orca gray whale, as well as, other wildlife are modeled from actual photos of the animals themselves in their natural habitat.

What are the takeaways from having OTL interactive water features?
It is all about giving kids successful learning that is done with play. Technology makes this possible. Interactive water features teach them in a fun way that keeps their attention.

Why are Interactive water features something that is important to have at Urban gathering places?
What these Interactive water features do is to make a place warm and inviting for people to come together to share an experience, to make memories. You can replace the click-click of a video game or text message with the joyful sound of children at play and the refreshing sight of an incredible water spectacle.

interactive show fountains

What is an example of OTL’s involvement with Interactive water features in an urban meeting place environment?
OTL designed and produced an excellent Interactive water feature at San Diego’s Waterfront Park. This Interactive water feature is truly visionary in every sense of the word. It is all about being the “front porch” for the entire community. Waterfront Park did establish the Visionary Plan for the North Embarcadero.

interactive show fountains

What are the takeaways here?
The takeaways of having interactive water features such as these in community meeting places are clear. They promote a great place for moms to be with their children and everyone else. These interactive water features reimagine once empty public spaces and energize the space with community and life.

How can you apply this to your own business?
The presence of interactive fountains makes for a natural gathering place in various settings. It doesn’t matter if it is a town square, urban development or anywhere else. Interactive water features offer significant flexibility whose use is limited only by imagination. It’s as simple as that. Want to find out more about these fountains? Go here.