Making a Splash at the Office

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Today’s creative workplaces have to make a splash in order to recruit top talent. OTL discusses how water features deliver what today’s office tenants need.

Over the last decade, office tenants’ demands have increased significantly—particularly creative office tenants seeking non-traditional spaces. As the market to attract and retain talented employees has grown more competitive, companies are looking to set themselves apart with a variety of perks including well-appointed facilities with modern amenities. When it comes to creating an inviting, enjoyable atmosphere, water features can be a great signature amenity helping to create a pleasant ambiance.

Whether they’re installed as part of the arrival sequence, in the lobby, or within a courtyard, fountains and water features lend visual and auditory appeal to office buildings that capture the attention of tenants and visitors alike. Well-built water features not only look gorgeous on their own—they also enhance the landscaping, architecture, finishes, and artwork that have been chosen for the space.

But their appeal is not just sensory; water features can affect both the mood and productivity of office workers.

A beautiful fountain and its soothing sounds can provide stress relief or simply a much-needed break from the workaday world that helps workers relax and recharge, after which they’re ready to tackle the tasks at hand.

What’s more, water features and fountains add to the benefits that outside office amenities provide in a creative setting. Since many creative companies are looking to do more with less square footage, they are seeking exterior amenities like trails, patios, and gardens to provide that sense of expansiveness for employees. Water features marry well with all of these settings and offer another attraction for workers who choose to step outside during the day for lunch or a walk, or team leaders who like to hold outdoor meetings.

Water features and fountains also augment the value of office properties; the past few years have seen a number of formerly class-B and -C assets upgraded and repurposed. A water feature is a great upgrade, increasing curb appeal and attracting investors. This can help raise investment levels in the surrounding area as well.

There is a multitude of benefits to including water features in creative environments. They can add a touch of class and style to buildings that are sure to make properties and tenants stand out from their competitors.