Nu Skin Innovation Center

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Water feature Design

Anti-aging skincare company celebrates Innovation Center with new age fountains.

 Nu Skin Enterprises, known for its anti-aging and skin-smoothing products, invested more than $100 million on the expansion of its office and research facilities in Provo, Utah by developing an Innovation Center.

Reflecting Nu Skin’s evolving brand as an innovative global company, the Innovation Center features a four-story atrium composed of sleek glass and aluminum accents. The new atrium serves as the heart of the campus.

At the entrance sits a solid granite fountain that invites patrons to enter, explore, and enjoy.

In partnership with landscape architect Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN), fountain engineers CMS Collaborative, and project architect Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Outside the Lines (OTL) helped create several architectural fountains that are designed to align with the aesthetics of the company’s smooth and innovative product line.

The centerpiece of the serene corporate lobby, a sleek fountain serves as the focal point of the Innovation Center. Featuring 26 tons of smooth Virginia Mist Stone, the fountain features a number of different water effects allowing its appearance to change throughout the day.

OTL worked with the project architects to minimize stone joints, creating an ultra-clean and smooth look in keeping with Nu Skin’s brand identity. OTL completed comprehensive testing of surface textures and programming options to eliminate any splashing onto adjacent surfaces; water flowing over the fountain edge disappears into a narrow slot in the floor.

Along with the lobby fountain, OTL also built several impressive outdoor water features. Serpentine white granite runnels offer plenty of seating options, and a large-scale reflecting pool, which can be crossed on a series of stepping stones, features animated arching jets of water.

The reflecting pool also has a “hidden” feature which isn’t visible to most visitors to the property; one of the pavers in the pool floor is a glass skylight, allowing shimmering light into office space below with unexpected, ever-changing patterns playing across the walls.

The Nu Skin headquarters has been awarded several impressive distinctions, including the IDEAS1 National Award and the ENR Best Projects Award. The property is located at 75 West Center Street in Provo, Utah.