OTL Water Features Adorn Landscape of One of the World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses

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Golf Digest has named Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Course in Yeoju, South Korea one of the World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses. Outside the Lines designed and oversaw construction of a mountainous backdrop and a 90 x 45-foot waterfall for the course’s inimitable two-island, par-4 10th hole. OTL rockwork and water feature specialists also designed and oversaw creation of eight winding streams for the renowned Golfplan-designed golf destination.

The February 2014 ranking is based on surveys of 846 well-traveled golfers from Golf Digest’s U.S. and 27 international editions’ course ranking panelists. The ranking spans 18 countries.


Ranked #72, Haesley Nine Bridges has been promoted as the course “where east meets west.” But to the professionals at OTL, it’s a project “where artistry meets engineering.” OTL engineers developed more than 40 sheets of drawings and completed a nearly 150-square-foot model for the course’s 10th hole water and rockwork feature.

The artisans of OTL have brought a variety of natural and topographic features to golf venues around the world. From murky marshlands to craggy landscapes, OTL has integrated strategically sloped land formations with streams, cascading waterfalls, and pebbled creek beds to deliver world-class golf settings that coexist perfectly within their natural environments.

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