OTL Nears Completion of Stunning Water-Effects Fountain at Entertainment Complex in Branson, Missouri

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OTL is approaching delivery of a one-of-a-kind, ground-up show fountain in the lake at Branson, Missouri’s developing entertainment complex, Branson Boardwalk.

The center’s 12,500 square-foot cascading lake is located adjacent to Aquarium at the Boardwalk, a $55 million project that focuses on fish and fun. The first attraction developed at the Branson Boardwalk, Aquarium at the Boardwalk is one of the newest attractions in the city and offers 10 zones of experiences such as a submarine adventure, jelly infinity room, and mermaid palace, among others.

The Aquarium’s exterior icon is a giant 34-ton stainless steel octopus sculpture fabricated by Demiurge. The sculpture’s tentacles will soon be tickled by the visually stunning water-effects fountain designed and constructed by OTL.

This unique show fountain will incorporate the existing octopus sculpture. Made up of hundreds of polyhedral plates and internally illuminated with color-changing LED lights, the octopus will be integrated into the show fountain’s control system; when a fountain show is displayed, the octopus will become an extension of the show.

Deeper and more subtle immersion such as this exciting water feature is an increasing trend in the world of retail and themed environments. By combining carefully designed visual and audio effects with high-level programming and technology, the property’s new show fountain will be visible from everywhere at the Boardwalk, adding a unifying element to the area and magnifying the guest experience.

As part of its master plan for the 13-acre site containing the boardwalk, lake, and aquarium, owner and operator Kuvera Partners envisioned a thrilling show fountain as an anchor attraction. Tej Sundher, Partner at Kuvera Partners, says his team visited the show fountain OTL designed and built at The Island in Pigeon Forge in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and instantly knew something similar would be the perfect fit to drive additional foot traffic and create a more effective sense of place for Branson Boardwalk. The fountain show will both activate the lake at the front of the property and offer an immersive experience for guests throughout the space.

Branson Boardwalk and Aquarium at the Boardwalk were designed to meet the demand for fresh offerings in a well-loved destination with more than nine million visitors each year. The center showcases the increasing importance of themed entertainment for property owners and developers, especially over the last year and a half, as the retail sector was one of the most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the show fountain, whose launch is planned for Spring 2022, the property is continuing to add photo-worthy refreshment stands, ultimately creating an exhilarating entertainment hub.