Watch for OTL People and Projects in National Chase Ad Campaign

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Print, video and digital ads focus on Outside the Line’s banking relationship with largest U.S. bank.

At Outside the Lines, we value the relationships we have with every member of our construction team, ranging from our employees to our clients and vendors. Without them, we couldn’t have reached the level of success and growth we’ve experienced over the last several years.

But we certainly can’t overlook the relationships we have with our trusted advisors, including our banker.

We put our monetary faith in Chase Business Banking, which has allowed us to make the best use of our capital as we operate and grow our business. Our Chase advisors are integral to our decision-making process and have helped us maximize our return on equity and effectively manage our capital costs.

As a client of Chase, we’re excited that the bank selected OTL as one of only a handful of Business Banking clients to feature in its new national advertising campaign, Mission Main Street. Focused on local markets, the campaign includes cable television, social media, radio, business and trade print publications and targeted digital media.

“We are proud to partner with these game-changing entrepreneurs and support their missions to grow,” said Scott Geller, CEO of Chase Business Banking. “This campaign honors the hard work of small business owners who are helping the economy recover and inspiring others.

“Outside The Lines is growing in California and beyond, much like we are at Chase,” Geller said. “It’s an honor to do business with such creative entrepreneurs recognized as leaders by their customers and their industry.”

The Mission Main Street campaign celebrates small business owners on a mission to grow their business, impact their industries and make their communities better.

OTL Chosen from Four Million Chase Clients

Chase chose only seven small businesses from its four million national small business clients to feature in its Mission Main Street campaign.

“This is incredible, and we’re extremely honored that they chose us,” said OTL CEO Wick Zimmerman.

OTL joins the ranks of other successful small business entrepreneurs, such as Green Toys and Diamondback Airboats, selected for the advertising campaign.

“This recognition is exciting, as well as profound,” says OTL President Hugh Hughes. “It confirms that the direction we’ve chosen for our company is the right path.”

Zimmerman and Hughes spent a day with Chase representatives and their photographers, videographers and other media professionals while they took photos, recorded video footage and conducted interviews. They traveled from OTL’s new office in Newport Beach, California, to the site of one its most recently-completed projects, Grand Park in Los Angeles.

Zimmerman and Hughes are featured in Chase ads in several print publications in Los Angeles and San Diego. Those include The Orange County Business Journal and the Wall Street Journal Southern California edition.

You also may have seen digital banner ads on several popular websites, such as Entrepreneur, Slate, Hulu and YouTube.

The promotional video provides an up-close look at several of OTL’s rockwork and water feature projects and shows the relationship between art and construction. It also delves into the important relationship between OTL and Chase Business Banking and how their bankers helped OTL succeed.

“They gave us the opportunity to start fresh with a fantastic office and be more efficient in our business,” Zimmerman said.