Post Construction Maintenance and Water Quality Control

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Ongoing post construction maintenance of decorative fountains and indoor water features is important, not only to maintain the feature’s beauty and ongoing structural stability, but for health reasons, as well. Any water feature is prone to develop different strains of bacteria that can be very harmful to humans and other living organisms. When designing and building an interior fountain, the opportunities are great for potential diseases because indoor fountains use a closed loop system. The opportunities increase when maintenance groups/operators skip necessary, ongoing maintenance to minimize the use of chemicals to cut costs and reduce unpleasant odors. Without proper maintenance and the installation of water quality control systems, any decorative fountain or water feature could pose a potential hazard to those who come in contact with the structure.

The importance of water quality became apparent when a 2010 outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Southeast Wisconsin was linked to a decorative fountain in a hospital’s main lobby. According to a study published in the February 2012 issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, eight patients became infected with Legionellosis after spending time in the hospital’s main lobby. “Through detailed interviews with patients, officials identified one hospital as the site of the contamination. Subsequent environmental testing within the hospital detected notable amounts of Legionella in samples collected from the ’water wall‘ decorative fountain in the hospital’s main lobby.” Infection Control Today

Bacteria that can cause Legionella are widely distributed in our environment. They have been found in creeks and ponds, hot and cold water taps (primarily hot water taps), hot water tanks, water in cooling towers and evaporative condensers and whirlpool spas. Most people contract the disease by inhaling mist from a water source contaminated with the bacteria. In some cases, the disease may be transmitted by other ways, such as aspirating contaminated water.
It is imperative that anyone who has a decorative fountain or indoor water feature, or is planning to have one installed, understands the importance of water quality and maintenance. Decorative fountain builders and water feature designers need to keep this as a top priority to protect not only themselves, but those who visit their work.

Outside the Lines, a water feature and decorative fountain company from Southern California, is renowned for having constructed a wide variety of grand water features around the world.

OTL understands the importance of water quality safety and offers post construction and maintenance services that will not only keep your water features looking fresh and inviting, but safe to enjoy. OTL can provide complete maintenance crews for all project types, including fountains, exhibits and water features. They also provide repairs, re-staining and cleaning, as needed, on rockwork.

Outside the Lines training programs include tutorials, videos and on-site visits. They will teach you how to operate and maintain your project’s water quality systems, hydraulic recirculation systems and more. OTL will cover every aspect of your water feature, whether it’s a fountain, stream, lagoon or complex computer choreographed water and light show.
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