Renovation Project of 85 year old Fountain at Longwood Gardens

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Work is progressing on the largest project in the history of Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens – the $90 million, two-year transformation of its beloved Main Fountain Garden. The revitalization of the historic, five-acre fountain attraction is expected to be complete in 2017.

The Water Garden at Longwood Gardens was built in the 1930s using what was, at the time, state-of-the-art technology. Inspired by the success of the Italian Water Garden and Open Air Theatre fountains, Pierre S. du Pont unveiled the Main Fountain Garden in 1931. His goal was to rival the fountains he had seen in Europe and at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

The Fountain Garden is the centerpiece of Longwood, which is located in Kennett Square, Penn., in Chester County. It attracts more than 1.1 million visitors a year, making it America’s most popular public garden. Its prime view is from the Gardens’ conservatory, which offers a spectacular vantage point for the many events that Longwood offers each year.

According to Longwood Gardens this amazing renovation project will focus on:

1. Honoring its Legacy
Founder Pierre S. du Pont first turned on the fountains in 1931 after spending 20 years designing and building them
2. Old World Charm and 21st Century Technology
Architecture, restoration and sensitive new design features are central to this project
3. A True Engineer’s Garden
10,000 gallons of water circulated per minute; 100s of jets, pumps, nozzles; 1000s of lights, and more
4. Garden Design
Harkening back to a European aesthetic, which was Mr. du Pont’s original intention
5. The Fountains
Reaching new heights, preserving legacy fountains, extending the season, with innovative and exciting new features
6. An Extraordinary Experience
Immersive, welcoming, with more seating and access to all five acres, enhanced lighting, expansive pathways

The $90 million project will also include a switch to more energy-efficient LED lighting, restored sculptures, a new stone grotto with a dripping circular “water curtain,” and the reopening of the Fountain Garden’s south wall, which has been closed to the public for two decades.

Longwood is working collaboratively with the nation’s leading firms dedicated to historic preservation, landscape architecture, and water feature design and construction. OTL is working in a consulting capacity on the fountain construction.

The Main Fountain Garden inspires and delights all who experience its magic. In 2017 the jets will shoot higher, the lights will shimmer brighter and the fountains will continue to enchant each guest.

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