Retail centers that entertain shoppers with state-of-the-art water features

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Specialty construction companies like Outside the Lines have helped change the way consumers shop by creating themed environments with one-of-a-kind water features, rockwork and backdrops at retail entertainment centers.

Retail entertainment construction projects are all the rage as they are beginning to show up across the United States. These urban shopping centers create vibrant destinations for consumers while setting the scene for tenant success. Bubbling streams and choreographed fountains invite busy shoppers to pause, smile, linger and shop a little longer.

The superior craftsmanship, combined with the mesmerizing sound of flowing water, create a captivating backdrop for shopping that helps guests embrace a moment of peace in the middle of a hectic day.


At the Downtown Summerlin Shopping Center in Las Vegas, Nevada OTL created breathtaking water features throughout the facility. Near Macy’s, within a 30-foot circular basin of stunning black granite, OTL carefully placed 32 individually controlled pop jets, each with RGB lighting and capable of shooting water six feet in the air. Near Dillard’s, six LED white lights illuminate a round basin crowned by a sculptured bronze dome pinpointed with holes through which synchronized mists of fog cool and delight shoppers from morning into the night. At the destination’s main passageway, a statement-making water wall features a constant flow of water that elegantly follows the trails of kiln-formed Wavelet decorative glass created by Nathan Allan Glass Studios, Inc. Find out more about the retail entertainment centers main feature.


Guests are stopped by a mind-boggling array of color and motion lights up the world-class show fountain at Station Park, an upscale retail, dining and entertainment center in Farmington, Utah.

The fountain is one of only two show fountains in the United States that boasts the technology that created its magical combination of colored lights, music, movement and 30-60-foot high dancing waters. The fountain’s choreographed water show is created by 52 vertical chasing nozzles and six robot nozzles that move water side to side, front to back, and can twist and turn in all directions. The fountain features seven different water shows that are rotated throughout the day. Three more shows are added for the winter holidays.


At the Island in Pigeon Forge, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee shoppers are blown away by a state-of-the art, multi-tiered show fountain that features a stunning presentation of water dance and light, all perfectly choreographed to 14 pieces of music.

While more than 89 vertical nozzles create lively movement and set the show’s pace, six motion-based nozzles create graceful water sprays that swirl to the music. Seemingly competing for attention, a geyser nozzle shoots powerful bursts of water 60 feet in the air, creating drama and flair.

Let OTL show you how water features can take your retail entertainment center to an entirely new level of fun and sophistication. If you would like to work with a team of skilled professionals, contact Outside the Lines at: (714) 637-4747, or you can email them at