Specialty Construction at Retail Entertainment Centers

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Specialty construction companies have helped change the way consumers shop by creating themed environments with one-of-a-kind water features, rockwork and backdrops at retail entertainment centers.

Retail entertainment construction projects are beginning to pop up around the world, creating vibrant destinations for consumers while setting the scene for tenant success. The key tenants of these projects include retail, arts and culture, movie theaters, restaurants and family entertainment attractions.

Bubbling streams and choreographed fountains designed and developed by specialty construction companies invite busy shoppers to pause, smile, linger and shop a little longer. The superior craftsmanship, combined with the mesmerizing sound of flowing water, create a captivating backdrop for shopping that helps guests embrace a moment of peace in the middle of a hectic day.

According to Retail Traffic Magazine, experts attribute the success of retail entertainment centers to many factors. “The common denominator is that consumers are stressed out and have little time, yet they expect the right to escape from the stresses of daily life. Aging baby boomers, as well as younger Gen-Xers, view leisure time not as a privilege but as a right. Retail entertainment destinations offer a solution: a mini-vacation.”

What was once a household chore is now a date with a loved one. Consumers can also save gas and time by visiting one-stop entertainment centers. They may be drawn to a favorite restaurant or shop, but are invited to stay for the fun. It is still “dinner and movie,” but now it’s also dinner and shopping, dinner and a walk around a pond, or dinner and a game on a tavern’s big screen.

Specialty construction companies with a team of knowledgeable and reputable designers, estimators and project managers have left their mark at each successful project. Mesmerizing water features and entertaining fountains beckon customers to return, making retail entertainment centers destination stops for both tourists and locals alike.

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