Team Spotlight: Getting to Know OTL’s General Superintendent Jerry West

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During 2020, in our newsletter and throughout our social media platforms, we began spotlighting team members who are key to the success of our company.

While OTL is known throughout the USA and internationally for designing and building magnificent water features, rockwork and themed environments, our company’s true foundation is our people. OTL simply would not be the same without our incredibly talented, dedicated, and caring team.

This month’s Team Spotlight is devoted to our General Superintendent, Jerry West. An 18-year industry veteran who has been on our team for 2.5 years, Jerry is highly integral to OTL’s success. As general superintendent, Jerry oversees virtually every aspect of our projects – including safety, scheduling, and financials – while working alongside our project managers, coordinators, and other team members.

Jerry shared with us his experience working at OTL, his aspirations for the future, and a fun fact about what he does during his free time.

Favorite project since joining OTL: Once you see it, you know why my favorite project is Texas Live! in Arlington, Texas. This project was the first water feature the OTL Texas team installed with pyrotechnics. It was a quick turnaround project for the team; from breaking ground to startup was a 90-day build!

Greatest accomplishment at the company: This company has given my team and me the opportunity to grow and to build some amazing water features. Our team has worked on projects outside of Texas, which has provided us the space to expand OTL projects and relationships successfully to other areas of the U.S. We are taking over the U.S. one water feature at a time! LOL!!

Fun fact about Jerry: Not too many people know this, but I’ve got two gold medals and one silver medal in submission wrestling. Also, I am a family man; I have a beautiful wife, and I’m a proud father of two boys and a gorgeous girl. My family is very athletic and are all involved in sports; in fact, my daughter currently has twelve D1 offers to play at the next level of basketball.

Aspirations for the future: I look forward to continuing to grow and to build more amazing water features with a well-established company. The new ideas and innovations coming from our team are going to produce some mind-blowing water features. I am fortunate to be a part of a great team.

Stay tuned for Team Spotlights featuring more of OTL’s outstanding team members.