Team Spotlight: Getting to Know OTL’s Regional Business Developer, Anna Procter

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In our newsletter and throughout our social media platforms, we have been spotlighting team members who contribute to the success of our company.

While OTL is known throughout the USA and internationally for designing and building magnificent water features, rockwork and themed environments, our company’s true foundation is our people. OTL simply would not be the same without our truly talented, dedicated, and caring team.

This month’s Team Spotlight is devoted to Anna Procter, OTL’s regional business developer – or, as she refers to herself, “professional schmoozer and all-around good-timer.” In her 3.5 years with OTL, Anna has become an invaluable part of the OTL team, helping the firm expand into new realms, take on new projects, and meet new challenges.

Here is what Anna has to say about the company:

Favorite project: “My favorite project that OTL has built since I joined the company is the spectacular show fountain at Texas Live! in Arlington, Texas. Between the client’s desires, budget, and schedule, our team had its work cut out. As usual, Chris Roy, director of creative design, came through with an elegant and exciting design – complete with fire – and the construction team made magic happen and delivered the completed fountain right on schedule. I am over the moon when I glance at a TV screen in a restaurant, in public, or at home and see the fountain as the backdrop for the evening sports report or whatever ESPN happens to be covering.”

Greatest accomplishment at OTL: “This is a tough one only because I don’t think I have done it yet. I have so many exciting potential projects in the works right now, in far-flung corners of the United States – so many opportunities to make places truly special with water, places to experience a moment. The quality of work we do makes it easy to find opportunities and to keep spreading joy, healing, reflection and connection with water. I have a lot to look forward to and to accomplish!”

Fun fact about Anna: “Just one?! I foster dogs, play guitar and write a few little songs here and there. While I don’t consider myself a true artist, I am a creative spirit. In fact, I have a large art piece hanging in our office building. It is a raw canvas, 10 ft. by 18 ft., that I have hand-painted three times as an installation for an annual art and music fundraising event. The first year, it was a subtle pattern to be the backdrop for the bands and for 3D projections. In the second year, I collaborated with a local artist and friend to paint on top of the first pattern. The playful shapes were bright and colorful and the perfect backdrop for a photo booth. Last year, I flipped the canvas to the unpainted side and started from scratch. The idea was to create a more immersive experience, so an abstract landscape was projected into the form of the canvas suspended from the ceiling as almost a cave. This way, when standing inside, it looked like you were standing in the landscape. Following the event, our property manager asked if I would be willing to install it in the common area of our office space.”

Anna’s Artwork:

Stay tuned for Team Spotlights featuring more of OTL’s outstanding team members.