Re: Testimonial on City Creek Fountains

Mr. Hughes:

Your firm Outside the Lines, Inc. (OTL) has recently completed several fountains at our City Creek Project in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. It has been a very challenging project but OTL has done a great job in rising to that challenge and delivering high quality fountains. As the Project Director for Oakland Construction this Project I wanted to write a brief note of thanks and commendation to you for your firm’s achievements.

The experience that OTL brought to the Project was critical in solving many issues that were apparent early in the design phase. Due to having fountains that interfaced with scopes of work from our scope, as well as another general contractors and also various design work packages, your management was vital in coordinating all aspects to ensure a successful delivery. Your management staff provided construct ability feedback on our concrete forming systems where Oakland had to construct linear and elliptical concrete walls with embedded fountain piping system. These tolerances were basically zero and OTL continued to work with Oakland through the end on necessary adjustments to your system make the product perform well and cast the water plumes in an array of beauty. We also relied heavily on OTL to help constructively resolve coordination issues with the electrical design that was also under our scope and OTL did this with the same care and professionalism as if they were your own subcontractor. The quality exceeded our expectations.

It was a pleasure to work with OTL and I hope to be able to have that opportunity again.


Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall, LEED® AP, DBIAProject Director
City Creek Center Block 76 Redevelopment

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