Dear Hugh and Wick:

With more than sixty years of world-class experience and global leadership among the top two executives, alone, Outside the Lines has already garnered the respect it deserves.

This tremendous reputation which Outside the Lines extends across continents, from North & South America, to the Middle East to the Pacific Rim; and, across industries, from Entertainment & Leisure, to Hospitality & Residential, grand and glorious Personal Estates. In this geographically and functionally diverse array of development, you are already the “go-to-guys” for the strategic leveraging of newly constructed natural and themed, outdoor and indoor, environments. This is Outside the Lines’ highly specialized focus, energized by brilliant, hands-on talent and decades of pragmatic project management experience.

From my client point of view, I enjoy and appreciate Outside the Lines both as a wise and creative sage constructing environmental “art” and as an organizationally fresh entrepreneur that is unencumbered by corporate protocol, and unburdened by inflated overhead. Hence, Outside the Lines efficiently serves our needs through both aesthetic & practical excellence.

I have enjoyed working with you both in the past and look forward to many years to come. The future is yours to artfully design & responsibly build.

All the best,

Michael McCall
Michael McCallPresident

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