Mr. Wick Zimmerman
Outside The Lines, Inc.
2150 S. Towne Centre Place, Suite 100
Anaheim, CA 92806

Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

RE: Cowles Commons Letter of Commendation

The Cowles Commons project was the culmination of many years of design and fundraising for this important revitalization of a civic space in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. An interactive fountain was the centerpiece of the project. Early on in the design process we recognized the need to work with an established, reputable fountain company. The architect had detailed a beautiful fountain, unfortunately the cost to build the fountain was greater than the project budget could afford. The Weitz Company needed a fountain contractor who could come in and work with the architect to modify the design that maintained the design intent while also fitting within the project budget. Outside The Lines (OTL) was able to work directly with the designer in a collaborative manner to help determine a revised designed that ultimately fit within the project budget and allowed the project to move forward.

Once construction began, it became clear OTL was a proactive and collaborative company as well. The project team of Matt Zlatich, Scott Pease and Jason Baldwin were all excellent at their respective roles. Their professionalism, expertise and willingness to share their knowledge with all the trades they interacted with was vital to the project’s success.

As with any construction project, there can be bumps in the road that require prompt attention to address the issues as they arise. On the Cowles Commons project, our issue was related to the fountain’s light fixtures after the project was turned over to the owner. There was a manufacturing issue with the light fixtures and initially the manufacturer was not taking the issue seriously enough. Matt and others within OTL weren’t going to allow that to occur and pushed the issue tirelessly until it was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction and in a timely manner.

In summary, what has been detailed above is a company that excels at all phases of the construction process (pre-construction, construction & warranty). It was an absolute pleasure to work with OTL and we hope to have the opportunity to build with you again in the future.


The Weitz Company

B.J. Frideres
Senior Project Manager
C: 515-783-1746

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