The Creative Process Behind Building the Unimaginable

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Many different steps occur during the creative process of developing and building themed construction projects. What starts as a rough design on a napkin or a sparkle in someone’s eye becomes a creative process that requires imagination and technical knowledge.

The creative process can be broken down into four phases that guide the project from concept to completion.

The phases include design, preconstruction, construction and post construction / maintenance. Each phase can then be broken down into steps that require an equal amount of skill and artistic ability.

1. Design

The first phase of the creative process is conceptual design. To create a unique and original design, each step of the project design process, from the drawings and renderings to 3D models, is strategically implemented to help visualize the project.

A designer must excel in strategic planning and creative development to design successful specialized themed projects.

Four important steps of the design process include:

  1. Conceptualization with architects, landscape architects and designers to create geo-believable and realistic designs.
  2. Collaboration on project storyboard design.
  3. Color renderings.
  4. Preparation of conceptual designs, schematics, design development and fully coordinated and complete construction drawings.

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2. Preconstruction

The second phase of the creative process is preconstruction. In this phase, the themed construction team leaders can have a great impact on the overall project’s success. The team can include project architects, landscape designers, urban designers and project consultants.

During the preconstruction phase, the team makes important decisions on how to control costs, optimize value and meet aggressive schedules. This is when the entire team works out the important details of the construction process.

During this phase, the team must be responsive and creative while developing value for each project. They must consider every critical aspect of the project and provide seamlessly coordinated solutions to solve even the most vexing challenges.

Four important creative steps in the preconstruction phase include:

  1. Conduct a constructability analysis and construction document review.
  2. Plan site logistics.
  3. Identify alternative means of construction and value engineering.
  4. Create scale models (presentation and working).

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3. Construction

The third phase of the creative process is construction. During this phase, highly skilled artisans and technicians build the unimaginable by revolutionizing construction techniques and by introducing creative solutions.

Four important steps of the construction phase include:

  1. Precise execution of preconstruction planning and design intent.
  2. State-of-the-art management processes and controls.
  3. Expert artisans and craftsmen managed by construction professionals.
  4. System training and start-up.

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4. Post Construction / Maintenance

The final phase of the creative process is post construction / maintenance. This is an ongoing phase that will keep the project alive and fascinating for years. During this phase, creative training programs and maintenance schedules are implemented to keep the project looking fresh and inviting.

Maintenance crews learn how to operate and maintain the different facets integrated into each project, including but not limited to, the project’s life support systems, hydraulic recirculation systems and pyrotechnics.

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These are just some of the steps in the creative process. If you would like to learn more about the process, or if you would like to speak to a team of highly skilled artisans and technicians who have revolutionized themed environments around the world, please contact OTL at (714) 637-4747 or email