Theme Park Construction – Bringing a Ride to Life with Themed Construction

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Once a ride at a theme park becomes a concept, it’s up to specialty construction artisans and practitioners to turn it into reality. Theme construction companies are called upon to bring the ride to life by giving it a distinct personality and ambiance that will capture the imagination of its riders. Similar to a blank canvas that becomes a masterpiece, or a piece of clay that is molded into a priceless sculpture, theme construction artisans transform a simple ride into a magnificent work of art. No longer are theme park rides just an adrenaline rush with running water or steep drops and sharp turns; today they are adventures that transport riders from the top of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest sea.

At a popular theme park in Anaheim, California, guests are taken for an adventure on a river raft ride that travels around a bear-shaped mountain called Grizzly Peak. Theme park construction companies brought this ride to life by installing nearly 200,000 square feet of carved artificial rockwork, including the bear mountain, a waterfall, realistic logs, shards of columnar basalt and other highly detailed carvings. Theme park patrons are continually blown away by the intricate details in the rockwork, along with the cascading waterfalls that surround the ride.

Just a few steps away from Grizzly Peak, guests can go on an undersea adventure that is brought to life with waterfalls, undersea caves, ruins and other iconic elements. Skilled artisans completed the rockwork to create the attraction’s waterfall, temple ruins, dock pilings, statue pieces and other iconic elements. Underwater guests get a big surprise when they peer through their portholes, only to see a giant tiki head that was carved by hand. All of these features not only make this ride one-of-a-kind but, add depth to this submarine ride that explores the mysteries of the sea.

On the other side of the United States at a themed water park in Orlando, Florida, guests can cool off while basking in the surroundings of a snowy mountain resort. What could have been a typical water park was instead transformed and brought to life by replicating the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. The slides, flumes, lazy rivers and a wave pool are surrounded by mountains of artificial rockwork crafted and installed by highly skilled themed construction artisans.

Theme park and specialty construction companies are called upon to craft thematic elements that will create an adventure while camouflaging the mechanics of the ride. Their task is to hide the inner workings of the ride so that guests are able to reach a state of suspended disbelief as they escape reality.

When Outside the Lines takes on a theme park construction project, they use their multi-talented team to take an idea and run with it. No matter what themed environment you’d like to create, OTL’s creative and skilled artisans will help bring your ride to life.

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