Theme Park Construction – How to hide the necessary and create the magnificent

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The first American amusement park, in the modern sense, was at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago, Illinois. The amusement park was a place with a variety of entertainment attractions, rides and events for people of all walks of life. Unlike a simple city park or playground, the amusement park was much more elaborate, providing attractions meant to cater to children, teenagers and adults.

Today, the theme park is the modern equivalent of the amusement park, either based on a central theme or divided into several distinctly themed areas. Large resorts, such as Walt Disney World in Florida (United States), actually house several theme parks in one location. Although Walt Disney is credited with having originated the concept of the theme amusement park, it is said that Disneyland in Anaheim, California was based loosely on Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, which was built nearly 300 years earlier. Disney also took notes from Children’s Fair in Oakland, California and various world fairs. Disney took these influences and melded them into popular Disney animated characters and his unique vision, and the theme park was born.

Creating an environment that would leave a lifelong impression in the imagination of its patrons took the skills of a qualified designers, artisans and builders.

In the 1970s, the theme park industry began to mature with the development of themed rides and the roller coaster. This led to the growth and insurgence of theme parks of all different sizes. In the 1980s, the theme park industry became larger than ever before, fostering the need to build even more magnificent rides and themed roller coasters.

Theme Park Ride

As theme park technology got more advanced, so did the audience’s demand for more sophisticated theme parks, which required more elaborate and larger mechanical systems. Take a look at a modern-day Florida theme attraction in Orlando, Florida, where artisans constructed artificial rockwork, cascading waterfalls and icons within a huge rock structure. The front of the rockwork features a sculptured face surrounded by an ancient temple. As guests approach the magnificent structure, they feel as if they are escaping their everyday life and are entering a world of wonder.

At a California theme ride in Anaheim, California, skilled artisans crafted thematic elements that camouflage the mechanics of this popular adventure ride. Developing a design that hides the necessary to create the magnificent has become a top priority for skilled theme ride builders. With the mission to hide the ride, the task of the designers was to make the ride disappear so theme park guests could reach a state of disbelief as they enter the dangerous lost temple. To do this, a full range of themed services, including building facades and artificial rockwork, were needed. This particular attraction features not only hand-carved skulls and bones, but artifacts and other iconic themed elements crafted by the hands of skilled artisans.

Specialty construction companies throughout history have been faced with the task of creating a world that most of us only know from our dreams and imagination. Not only are they called upon to create attractions and rides, but to create adventures and experiences that theme park patrons will never forget.

jungle ride construction

A ride can take guests on an undersea adventure with waterfalls, underwater caves and ruins. Special features like these hide the technicalities of the ride while adding depth, giving theme park guests the opportunity to explore the mysteries of the sea. Another adventure ride will let guests float into the past as they travel by boat through a jungle paradise. Using artificial rockwork and natural vegetation, the African riverbanks come to life with tigers, crocodiles and elephants creating an experience that guests never forget.

When Outside the Lines tackles a theme park construction project, they use their multi-talented team to take an idea and run with it. OTL’s can-do attitude creates an energetic atmosphere that will drive your theme park construction project from concept to completion.

No matter what themed environment you’d like to create, OTL’s creative and skilled artisans will help you suspend reality and alter perceptions. In short, OTL makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

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