Themed Construction Helps Set the Holiday Shopping Mood

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The four-day start to the holiday shopping season over Thanksgiving weekend is a huge national event, with over two-thirds of Americans spending their weekends at retail centers looking for the best deals possible. According to recent news reports, the 2012 shopping season is off to a great start.

Retailers know that “If you make holiday shopping convenient, Americans will come in droves…”

Retail entertainment centers have found that one way to attract shoppers is to set the holiday mood. One way to set that holiday mood is with themed construction.

Extravagant rockwork and state-of-the art water features choreographed to holiday favorites are a welcome sight and help set a holiday mood.

Retail entertainment centers worth checking out this holiday season because of their amazing water shows include:


Station Park, Farmington, Utah
A mind-boggling array of holiday color and motion lights up the world-class show fountain at Station Park, an upscale retail, dining and entertainment center.


City Creek Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Holiday shoppers and diners are treated to breathtaking water ballets and a peaceful creek at City Creek Center. The amazing linear fountains, designed by Outside the Lines, set the holiday backdrop for the “Flutter” fountain, which features a ballet of dancing water that forms the shape of holiday bells.img-city-place-02

CityPlace, West Palm Beach, Florida
Holiday show fountains have gone wild at CityPlace! This upscale retail entertainment center features extravagant and complex water features at every turn. A seemingly endless number of dancing water shows mix light, color, geysers and artificial mist, all choreographed to upbeat holiday music.

This year, in the midst of the holiday smells, sounds and sights, take a moment to appreciate and enjoy these amazing holiday features.

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