Top 4 Theme Park Rides at California Amusement Parks

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When we remember our favorite amusement park rides, many easily stand out – not only because of what you saw, but because of how they made you feel. The gut-wrenching drops on a roller coaster or the sound of a pirate’s cannon make your skin crawl while creating an experience you’ll always remember.

The best theme park rides use specialty construction elements that include water features, lighting and pyrotechnics. Combined, these elements immerse riders in an alternate universe while telling a story. While the average rides take you for a few dips and turns, the great ones rely on a thematic environment that transports the riders into a story.

Without themed construction, most theme park rides would just be another rollercoaster or water ride. When you use rockwork and water features to embellish the story, each ride takes on a life of its own. The great rides generate long lines and ticket sales. To the amazement of many parents, a child who can’t wait 20 minutes at a doctor’s office has enough patience to stand in line for two hours for a theme ride he’s “dying” to see.

Top 4 Theme Park Construction Projects at California Amusement Parks

California is near the top of the list of North American states with the most theme park visitors. Each California theme park has rides you’ll never forget.

1. Themed Lost Temple Ride

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You’ll reach a state of suspended disbelief when you enter a dangerous lost temple on this popular theme park ride in Anaheim, California. Specialty construction artisans crafted elements that completely camouflage the mechanics of this ride so guests forget about the technology behind the illusion.

2. Underwater Theme Ride

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Waterfalls, undersea caves, ruins and other iconic elements add depth to this submarine ride that explores the mysteries of the sea. As a voyager on the Neptune 707, you’ll travel through a series of underwater environments searching for a volcano.

3. Jungle Tour Boat Ride

Themed Ride Construction

You’ll float into the past as you travel by boat through this tropical jungle paradise. Like many of the best theme park rides, this ride was designed to create a shared experience. By taking this themed adventure together, families and friends will create cherished memories for years to come.

4. Grizzly Peak Water Rafting Action Ride

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You’ll bear-ly be able to contain your excitement on this river raft ride around a bear-shaped mountain called Grizzly Peak. To tell a story and bring this ride to life, artisans used nearly 200,000 square feet of carved artificial rockwork to craft a bear mountain, waterfall, realistic logs and many other highly detailed carvings. The park has one of the largest artificial rockwork installations in the world.

The team at Outside the Lines has an impressive portfolio that includes some of the most popular themed attraction rides around the world. From design to construction and post construction, Outside the Lines offers the highest quality of full project management services in the themed and specialty construction industry.

No matter what themed environment you’d like to create, OTL’s creative and skilled artisans will help you suspend reality and alter perceptions. In short, OTL makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

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