Water Feature Construction at Pechanga Resort & Casino

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Outside the Lines’ teams of skilled construction practitioners have helped the casino and gaming industry evolve from simple gambling facilities to world-renowned entertainment destinations.

For the lobby of the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Southern California, OTL used more than 340 individually placed strands of Mylar filament to help create the illusion of rain-kissed beams of light radiating from this graceful water feature.

In addition to measuring, cutting to length and then connecting, by hand, each of the three concentric rain curtain rings’ delicate Mylar strands, OTL craftsmen used more than 340 micro emitter nozzles, spaced precisely along a two-inch diameter stainless steel pipe manifold thirty four feet above the lobby, to create their “weeping” effect.

Outside the Lines creates memorable themed environments that leave a lifelong impression while capturing the imagination of casino patrons around the world.

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