Water Features, Rockwork, and Themed Environments Can Help Boost Hotel and Casino Revenue

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The hospitality and gaming industries have come roaring back in the last few years.

International tourist arrivals reportedly hit 91% of pre-pandemic levels in the third quarter of 2023, reaching 92% in July, and the overall tourism sector was on course to recover almost 90% by the end of 2023.

Similarly, the American Gaming Association reports that as of October 2023, cumulative revenue from traditional casino gaming, sports betting and iGaming was outpacing 2022’s record pace by 9.6 percent, with total gaming revenue at $54.40 billion, a figure that already exceeds the total revenue for the entirety of 2021 ($52.80B)—the second highest-grossing year on record.

As these sectors regain ground, many lodging and casino owners and operators are exploring new ways to update their properties and attract people who are eager to travel and participate in live gaming. To accomplish this goal, stakeholders are focusing on offering the right amenities that meet the needs and desires of their guests—which can have a significant impact on revenue and ROI.

A leader in designing, building, and maintaining water features, rockwork, and themed environments for a variety of property types, OTL has completed numerous projects for hotels and casinos worldwide. We have seen these well-aligned amenities help hospitality and gaming venue stakeholders achieve their business goals by:

Connoting luxury – Features that lend an air of opulence to hotels and casinos raise their value in the eyes of guests. From artful landscaping to striking architecture to expertly curated artwork, these elements welcome visitors and convey to them that they are entering a high-quality establishment.

An example of this is the stunning architectural element we created as part of the lobby renovation at Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, California, which signals to guests that they are in for an exceptional experience. Cylindrical rain curtains interact with two separate water walls to create a multisensory experience designed to intrigue guests. The water feature comprises 340 individually placed strands of Mylar filament, creating the illusion of rain-kissed beams of light radiating from the water feature.

Additions like these not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of a hotel or casinos but also bring people in from miles around to enjoy the venue’s many offerings—and spark recommendations to friends, family, and co-workers.

Delivering immersive experiences – One reason individuals flock to hotels and casinos is that they provide a welcome escape from the stresses and demands of everyday life. Part of this escape is the ability to enjoy extraordinary entertaining experiences.

For example, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has long been known for its pirate show that lures passersby into a world of danger and mystery, beginning with a village that comes to life with cannon fire, burning buildings, and a firefight between a pirate vessel and British frigate. The pirates sink the frigate and the British jump ship, leaving the treasures for the pirates to plunder. Artisans hand-carved the pirate village facades and a frighteningly creepy skull reef in the attraction’s lagoon, which our team also installed.

Guests can completely immerse themselves in features like these, which capture the imagination and delight the senses for people of all ages. This encourages them to return to relive the experience again and again.

Evoking faraway destinations – While people are eager to travel these days, not everyone is able to go halfway around the world on vacation. Fortunately, today’s hotels and casinos can create the ambiance of long-distance trips closer to home by incorporating intriguing amenities.

For example, at Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort in Jackson, California, one of the goals was to bring the mountains down to the casino guest. OTL’s staff of artisans built a scale replica of the geology found in hard-to-reach areas of Yosemite National Park. When combined with the adjacent landscaping, one can appreciate what it must be like standing at the base of the minarets looking upward. This rockscape also features the work of an indigenous artist from the Jackson Band of Miwuk Indians.

Even if they can’t actually make the trip, features like these at hotels and casinos can simulate the experience and provide people with a taste of a remote destination.

With travel and in-person experiences on an upward trajectory, hotel and casino owners and operators are eager to draw in guests to their venues. By incorporating water features, rockwork, and themed environments that connote luxury, deliver immersive experiences, and evoke trips to faraway destinations, stakeholders can increase their share of hospitality and gaming dollars and increase profits for many years to come.