How to Combine Art and Construction to Create Spectacular Structures

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What separates specialty construction companies from traditional construction firms is their ability to combine art and construction to create spectacular structures. Specialty construction companies excel in strategic planning, creative development and the delivery of specialized themed projects. Outside the Lines, based in southern California, is recognized throughout the construction industry for its artistic ability and its disciplined approach to engineering and construction management.

Outside the Lines coined the term “geo-believability,” the art of making rockwork and water features as geologically realistic as possible. This can be observed in OTL’s range of themed projects, which include waterscapes, landscapes and other natural environments.

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“What separates specialty construction companies from traditional construction firms is their ability to combine art and construction to create spectacular structures.”


One water feature and rockwork project completed by Outside the Lines was at Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Course. This golf course is the follow-up to the world-famous Nine Bridges resort on Jeju Island. This latest incarnation, about an hour southeast of Seoul, is as dramatic as its illustrious stablemate, which is firmly ensconced on the list of the world’s Top 100 golf courses.

Working hand-in-hand with golf course architect Golfplan, OTL produced over 40 sheets of drawings and completed a 1/2″ scale model for the signature hole. OTL also provided supervisory services during construction

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At Nine Bridges, Outside the Lines offered the highest quality of full project management services throughout the entire construction and post construction process. The artisans at Outside the Lines worked closely with project architects and designers in the design and pre construction phase to develop drawings, renderings, 3D models and hand-shaped scaled models to help visualize the project. The model used for the Haesley Nine Bridges golf course water feature project was carved and painted by hand.

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Outside the Lines had the greatest impact on the success of Nine Bridges during the essential planning phase. This is where important decisions were made on how to control costs, optimize value and meet aggressive schedules. OTL’s team worked closely with the entire team, which included project architects, landscape designers, urban designers and project consultants, during the planning phase of the artificial rockwork and water feature project.

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While every OTL project provides an entertaining and enriching experience, the real magic happens behind the scenes. During the creation of the spectacular water feature at Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Course, the team at Outside the Lines used a variety of artistic mediums and techniques to create rockwork and lifelike rock formations that added depth to the project.

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Once the artificial rockwork began to take form and blend into its natural surroundings, Outside the Lines incorporated the waterproofing details and the mechanical recirculation system.

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Now, golfers at Heasley Nine Bridges can enjoy a dramatic waterfall at the two-island 10th hole at one of the world’s most memorable golf courses.

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