Themed Estate Gardens – One-of-a-Kind Landscape Design for Private Estates

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One way to make the most out of the outdoor space around your home is to come up with a themed landscape design that uses a number of different garden style techniques. Themed estate garden designs require a qualified team of landscape architects and technical engineers who can devise a theme that is unique as the private estate it is designed around.

In the past, estate gardens were formed around formal landscapes with sharp angles and clean lines. Today, Themed estate garden designs are just as magnificent as the private homes they enhance and provide an inviting retreat for homeowners to showcase the unique beauty of their private estate.

In some parts of the world, limited land space for development has created the demand for luxurious estate gardens on a smaller scale.

Modern estate landscape designs can be a tropical paradise with breathtaking views or a sprawling country oasis with colorful gardens of carefully placed rockwork and vegetation. One of the most important things when building a themed estate garden is to develop a design that meets the needs of the homeowners, as well as a style that complements the rest of the property.

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The possibilities of estate gardens are endless, whether you are considering a more formal approach to an estate garden or a more relaxed informal style. The materials, vegetation and accessories selected for your estate landscape design will be determined by the style of your home and the design theme you choose.

When planning an estate garden, make sure you create a plan with a proper scale. Achieving the correct proportion can be a challenge in estate landscape design because of the expansiveness of property grounds as well as the splendor of the home. Having an appropriate scale combines all of the elements together to create a harmonious space for outdoor living, regardless of the size of the property.

Magnificent gardens, with grandiose fountains connected to sprawling swimming pools or natural-looking rockwork with waterfalls and streams that drain into garden ponds are just a few features you can implement in your design. If your private estate garden calls for more of a hardscape design, a year-round garden with classic vegetation or a little of both, the materials used should reflect the overall theme of your landscape and the project’s vision.

Private estate themed construction companies, such as Outside the Lines, have creative designers and skilled artisans who are committed to creating environments that support each project’s vision. Whether your concept calls for the natural feel of fabricated rockwork and waterfalls or formal, animated or whimsical fountains, OTL can take your project from start to finish.

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