Water Feature Construction and Design Continued (Part 2 of 2)

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Three Key Components to Water Feature Design

Skilled aquatic designers consider three important components when designing and installing a commercial or residential water feature: visual, audio and light.

Water can be controlled and manipulated into many different shapes and forms. With the use of state-of-the-art fountain nozzles and computer-operated pumps and filters, commercial and residential water features are creating scenes we never dreamed possible.

Water Feature Design – Visual

Water Feature Design

Designers can change the visual characteristics of water by skillfully using aerated or laminar flow water effects.

Aerated water features introduce air into the water with fountain nozzles, waterfalls, cascading steps and textured waterwalls. Aerated fountains provide strong visual water effects and noticeable sound. These are great for outdoor areas and can be used for architectural fountains and natural waterscapes.

Laminar water effects are clear stream water formations absent of air within the water form. Laminar flow fountains have a distinct refined appearance and a defined shape created by fountain nozzles, waterfalls or reflective bodies of water. Laminar fountains tend to have a softer sound and generally less splash and are typically used in indoor, architectural settings.

Water Fountain Design – Audio

Waterfall Construction

Sound is important to consider when designing and constructing water features.

Low sound water features are designed for intimate settings so the sound is not distracting. The soft sounds of gently flowing water are calming and relaxing.

On the flip side, outdoor water features are often designed to create more sound so they cover unpleasant noises, such as cars or air traffic. In addition, loud water features are attention-getters. Part of their appeal is the power of large water movements that produce grand sounds.

Water Fountain Design – Lighting

Comercial water feature Construction

The lighting of water fountains and ponds is also very important to the overall design of the feature. With the use of natural light, reflection pools are popular in outdoor architectural settings where buildings and landscapes can be mirrored in the water.

High-tech lighting is used to add color, depth and even shadows to water features. Some water features use state of the lighting that is choreographed to music making them a sight to see at night as well as during the day.

Specialty commercial and residential water feature construction companies like Outside the Lines incorporate state of the art lighting, rockwork, high-tech fountain nozzles plus many other innovative characteristics into their projects to create eye-catching fountains, translucent rivers and mystical waterfalls.

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