Water Feature Design and Construction (Part 1 of 2)

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Water features can turn any environment, no matter how stagnant, into a dynamic atmosphere. Whether the water feature is loud and grand or silent and subdued, a fountain or pond can create the desired setting and mood.

While water that springs to life naturally is shaped by the laws of nature, a water feature crafted by man can be transformed into nearly any shape, size, configuration and texture. When designing a water feature, a skilled artisan can skillfully create a masterpiece like a sculptor crafts a piece of art with clay.

Cascading waterfalls, streams and brooks can harmonize with their environment and tie every element of nature together. Still bodies of water or gently moving water with sound can create a sense of well-being and tranquility.

Water Feature construction

Fountains that move large bodies of water can form white water and loud sounds to generate excitement, energy and power. These fountains are also entertaining. When creating these fountains, water feature designers use state-of-the-art nozzles to create unique water formations that are often choreographed to music.

Skilled aquatic engineers consider several factors, visual, audio and light, when designing and installing a commercial or residential water feature. When used effectively, these features can transform water into a magnificent sight.

Specialty commercial and residential water feature construction companies, such as Outside the Lines, incorporate state-of-the-art lighting, innovative rockwork, high-tech fountain nozzles and many other creative techniques into water features to create eye-catching projects.

Comercial Water feature design

From the surreal to the sublime, from the traditional to transcendent, the Outside the Lines team of artisans and aquatic engineers have created an imagination-bending array of natural habitats, expansive waterscapes, world-class exhibits and one-of-a-kind icons.

Next week: Three key components to water feature design – visual, audio and light.

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