Welcoming OTL’s Director of Engineering Michael Webb

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Since 2020, in our newsletter and throughout our social media platforms, we have been spotlighting team members who are key to the success of our company.

While OTL is known throughout the USA and internationally for designing and building magnificent water features, rockwork and themed environments, our company’s true foundation is our people. OTL simply would not be the same without our incredibly talented, dedicated, and caring team.

This month’s Team Spotlight is devoted to our Director of Engineering Michael Webb. Michael just joined the OTL team in January 2023 and is responsible for managing the engineering and design of all our water feature projects. He has deep expertise in this field and we welcome him to our team.

We spoke with Michael about joining OTL and what he looks forward to accomplishing with us.

What attracted you to OTL?

OTL has a reputation for being a creative and well-managed water feature design/build company. I was also looking forward to working with one of my colleagues, Vice President of Business Development Barry Caylor, once again.

Tell us the best part about being on the OTL team.

Every day at OTL, I am challenged to use my experience to enhance our engineering capabilities. This means developing a new set of standards while learning to manage and use the existing system—kinda like changing the wheels on the bus while it is being driven down the highway.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself that readers may not know?

I have had a very eclectic work history. I was an air traffic controller in the Marines, taught at a high-performance driving school in Texas, and worked at Disneyland. I don’t have any fun hobbies, so I get fun jobs instead.

What are you excited about accomplishing with OTL?

After so many years of learning, now I get to teach. I am excited to pass on what I know to the next generation of water feature designers, engineers, and customers.

Stay tuned for Team Spotlights featuring more of OTL’s outstanding team members.